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Keeping to up date with the tech industry is hard work, every week new libraries, tools and frameworks are being released. How do you keep up date with everything?

One way is to subscribe to weekly newsletter that way you get the latest news directly to your inbox with that in mind here's a few to get you started......

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5 Free Bootstrap Responsive Templates on Themifycloud

In this article we have gathered 5 Bootstrap 3 layouts for you to unreservedly use in your next task. We have deliberately overlooked those starter, stripped down and unstyled layouts from this round-up, of which there are a huge number unreservedly accessible on the web. We rather have focused on highlighting 5 completely emphasised, imaginatively composed, and obviously, free Bootstrap 3 layouts, that we are certain you will love and appreciate. 

We have ordered the subjects and layouts into the accompanying segments: Landing Page Templates, One-Page/Single-Page Templates, Multi-Purpose Templates, Creative Agency Templates, Portfolio Templates, Coming Soon Templates, Style Guide Templates, lastly a choice of incredible Bootstrap constructed UI units.

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Select previous and next rows in MySQL

Selecting previous and next rows based on the current row is a common task in most web applications, Take this blog when viewing a post, their are the previous and next posts available at the bottom of each post.

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My TOP Sublime Text plugins

My favourite editor is Sublime Text I've tried other editors, no other editor can complete with both customisation and pure speed in my opinion. These are my most used plugins for day to day programming. (Some of these are ST2 only)

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Backup to Dropbox with PHP

Recently I've been looking into Dropbox's API so I decided to have a go at building an application that can upload a file or an entire folder directly to Dropbox.

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Running mysqldump with PHP

Every project should have regular backups. Writing database tables to a file using PHP while possible is not recommended, it's much better to use MySQL for that. 

MySQL has a function called mysqldump that exports a database to a file, this is ran using SSH. For those times when you don't have access to SSH here is a simple way to create a backup using mysqldump by running exec and passing in the command and the login credentials and lastly defining the name of the file to be created.

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